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Facilities - Barnaul - Rebrikha Orphanage (Facility Code: Barnaul 2)
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Kids in costume


Orphanage - costumes



 Kids enjoying the perfomance



 Young girl singing






Floor #5 Floor #6   Room2 Room4
Floor #9 Floor #12   Room5 Room6

                          Floor Before!                                                                                       New Floor and Refrigerator After!




Puppet7        Puppet5

             Orphanage kids watching the puppet show                                                                         Puppet Show


Andrey Strygin

      Barnaul Rotarian Andrey Strygin and girl from orphanage


    Barnaul Rotary President 2006-07 Inna Gorbatenko

               Rotarians of Barnaul Rotary Club

 Inna Gorbatenko with Orphanage Children                                          Rotarians of Barnaul Rotary Club


Exchange Students Visiting Orphanage     Football match - Rotary vs Children's home

                  Exchange Students Visiting Orphanage                                      Football match - Rotary vs. Children's home



                Children in Rebrikha Orphanage                           Orphanage Children In Their Room                              Children's Personal Lockers

            Rotarians with kids from Orphanage               Anna Mitrofanova with daughter

Rotarians Sergey Lynov, Sergey Berger, Elena chupina, Anna Mitrofanova,                             Rotarian Anna Mitrofanova with daughter and orphanage kids

Boris Chesnokov, Keith O'Connell, Youth Exchange Students - Rambert Nicolas (France)

and Alex Butler (Canada), club guest - an artist Lubov' Norgelene and

the orphanage children.


     Orphanage Kids     

                                   Orphanage kids smiling for us!




              Washing Dishes          Cleaning hot plates

                    Washing dishes is part of home-study lessons                             Cleaning the hot plate during a home-study lesson






                Children's Worn out Bedding                                           Worn out Mattress!                                                  Another Worn out Mattress!



                            Worn out Mattress                                        Mattress Ready for Replacement                                            Orphanage Bedroom  




                         Putting on the Makeup                                            The finished Product!                                                        Playing a Game



 Orphans Getting Ready for a Costume Party                     Rotarians with the Orphans     


    Special Dancing for Guests     Skillful hands

                   Special dancing performed for guests                                         Skillful hands - children sew their costumes themselves



          Bathroom sinks          Bathroom Toilets

                    A Wash-up Sink!                                                               Bathroom Sinks!                                                         Bathroom Toilets



Rebrikha Orphanage Children's Action Team (CAT)


Co-Leader Mark Olm   Jason Mackey  

Renee Pfeifer-Luckett

  Mike Schumacher   Tatiana Zhivaykina

CAT Co-Leader

Mark Olm


 CAT Co-Leader

Jason Mackey


 Renee Pfeifer-Luckett

Whitewater WI President 2010/2011


 Mike Schumacher



Tatiana Zhivaykina





Project is “Sweet Dreams”.


Our club has a close relationship with a corrective school-orphanage in Rebrikha (village about 100 km far from Barnaul). There are 120 children at the age from 6 to 17 years old. In some years we have already held several projects with this orphanage. In general all the projects held concerning the equipment of the specialized classes: sewing class, housekeeping, playing room.

There was the international sports competition where our guests from Australia, USA, India, Barnaul Rotarians and orphans participated in. Our club always celebrates New Year and others holidays with them, making repairs; working outside; cleaning the areas in and around the ophanage. Cooperation in such activities is useful for children to obtain important skills of life experience and building the relationships. We can do plenty of the projects in such rural areas because of the modest life conditions there. Well, this autumn, during our visit to the orphanage with family members and rotaractors, we realized our next project! We just asked the children what they want to have. And the answer was surprising to us. Orphans told us that they needed soft beds. It appeared that children sleep on the mattresses which were bought many years ago and now look really scary and smell badly. Pillows consists of cotton-wool scraps, blankets are thin and not warm. And all people spend half of life sleeping! It’s so important on what to sleep!!! So that was the idea of the project “Sweet Dreams”.We will be glad if you would join us this worthy project!