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 The Rotary Club of Avachinsky  sponsors this facility.


Orphanage #6  The Orphanage was opened in 1998, and is one of newest orphanages in Kamchatka.  The orphanage is a separate building that stands on its own. There are 32 children ages 7 - 18.  (Facility Code: Avachinsky 1)


 The  Rotary Club of Baikal - Eco  sponsors this facility.                                                              Map of Irkutsk


Family Manor Village for special needs children near  Irkutsk,  Russia is a  home where special needs children can receive an education and learn some basic skills, which will assist them when they become adults.       (Facility Code: Baikal-Eco 1)  


Maloe Goloustnoe Village School has a goal to development and establish an Ecological Educational program for their 158 students, focused on imporving the  ecological preservatoin of Lake Baikal. (Facility Code: Baikal-Eco 2)  



The Social Rehabilitation Centre for Underaged Children  provides daily food rations with the vitamins and minirals needed for good health.  The Centre is located in Angarsk (Russian: Àíãà´ðñê ), which is a city in Irkutsk Oblast and cares for 115 children.

(Facility Code: Baikal-Eco 3)   


 The Rotary Club of Barnaul  sponsors the following children's facilities:                           Map of Barnaul


Altai Children's School of Arts  Barnaul, Russia   A school for children interested in art, music, and dance. This school is not an orphanage but orphans and children in need do attend. 

(Facility code: Barnaul 1)



Rebrikha Orphanage  Barnaul, Russia  A school for special needs children.

(Facility Code: Barnaul 2)



 The Rotary Club of Barnaul Capital sponsors the following children's facilities:


Boarding School #1  Barnaul, Russia  A school for handicapped children.

(Facility Code: Barnaul Capital 1)

The Rotary Club of Biysk sponsors the following children's facilities:                                 Map of Biysk


Orphanage #2   Members presented Orpnanage #2 with wear, books, videotape,

cassettes, journals and newspapers for whole year, installed TV-antenna and make cable net to all 

rooms.  (Facility code: Biysk 1)




  The Rotary Club of Irkutsk sponsors the following children's facilities                             Map of Irkutsk


City Children's Shelter #1  Irkutsk, Russia   A shelter where homeless children are evaluated and processed for relocation to orphanges or foster homes.  (Facility code: Irkutsk 1)    




Urik Shelter  Irkutsk, Russia (Facility code: Irkutsk 7)




Shelter #2  Irkutsk, Russia  This is a facility for children left without guardianship. 

(Facility code: Irkutsk 8)




Orphanage #5 Irkutsk, Russia  This facility houses 101 children.

(Facility Code: Irkutsk 11)


 The Rotary Club of Kemerovo sponsors the following facilities:


The Okunevsky Orphanage  is situated in the Kemerovo region.  The  orphanage has 50 children ranging from 1 to 18 years old, residing there.  Their main goal is to provide a healthy environment for these orphans by providing nutritious food and exercise.  (Pictures will be posted soon!)

(Facility Code: Kemerovo 1) 


The Pediatric Department #4 (from 0-3 years) treats children having infectious pathologies, which were left without care by their parents. It was established in July 2005 on the basis of ex-children’s infectious department with a highly qualified staff of doctors and nurses.

(Facility Code: Kemerovo 2)


The Novokuznezki Children's Home was started in 1957. There're children from 0 to 4 mainly with pathology of  the central nervous system and impellent system. There're different rooms are made which have various purposes: of speech therapist, psychologist, music room, sensor room, 10 living-rooms with playing grounds.  (Facility Code: Kemerovo 3) 


The Rotary Club of Khabarovsk  sponsors the following children's facilities:                  Map of Khabarovsk


Llyinka Children's Rehabilitation Home  Khabarovsk, Russia    The Ilyinda Children's Home have children from 18 months to 14 years old.  (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 1)



Nukulins Center for Social Rehabilitation of Minors  Khabarovsk, Russia    The Center takes care of up to 45 children from ages 3 to 18.  (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 2)



Children's Home #6  Khabarovsk, Russia  Khabarovsk Children’s Home #6 is a temporary home for 48 children aged from 12 to 18.  (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 4)




Vinogradovka Children's Home  Khabarovsk, Russia   It has 28 children of 2-7 years old; many of the children are physically or psychologically challenged.  (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 5)




Ikanko foster Home  Khabarovsk, Russia   The Khabarovsk RC is interested in supporting a new concept in Russia, the foster family.  This is one of the foster families.  The husband and wife actually have two of their own children plus the foster children.  The club wants to promote the foster family concept by giving support to foster families.  (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 6)


 The Rotary Club of Krasnoyarsk Enisey sponsor the following children's facility:


Beryozovsky Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre Krasnoyarsk, Russia

 (Facility Code: Krasnoyarsk Enisey 1)




 The Rotaract Club of Krasnoyarsk sponsors the following children's facility:


Shumkovsk Orphanage  Krasnoyarsk, Russia  Regional Governmental Institution for Mentally disabled children “Shumkovsk Mentally Disabled Children’s Orphanage” was founded in 1960 and was based on already existing Institutional Facility for Elderly people founded in 1941.

(Facility Code:  Krasnoyarsk 1)  


The Rotaract Club of Moscow - East  sponsors the following children's facilities:


Korolev Boarding School  Korolev, Russia  Boarding school in Korolev (a small town near Moscow) was opened in 2005. There are about 40 children from 6 to 15 years old. Half of them are orphans. The rest live in this boarding school from Monday to Saturday and for weekend their relatives take them home.  (Facility Code: Moscow - East 1)  


Zabota Distrbution Center Korolev, Russia  Distribution Center for homeless children, children with out parent or parents that are close to loosing their parental rights.   These children who are waiting to either be sent to an orphanage or returned to parents or guardians.  There are 20-25 children in the facility at one time.  1-4 children living together (Facility Code:  Moscow - East 2) 


The Rotary Club of Nerungri   sponsors the following children's facilities:                          Map of Nerungri


Rehabilitation Centre Universal Verbotonal d' Audition Guberina (SUVAG)  Yakrutia Republic. The Rumor and Hearing Centre “SUVAG” program was created 15 years ago in the small city of Yakutia, seven thousand kilometers from Moscow. The Rumor and Hearing Rehabilitation Centre teaches deaf and hearing impaired children.  (Facility code: Nerungri 1) 


The Rotary Club of Ulan-Ude sponsors the following children's facilities:                          Map of Ulan-Ude


Ulan-Ude Teen Socio-Rehabilitation Center  The Center was created for the rehabilitation of teenagers left without parental support and who have found themselves in a complicated life situation.

(Facility code: Ulan-Ude 1)


Ulan-Ude Edelvice Center

(Facility code: Ulan-Ude 2)




Malyshok Orphanage 

(Facility code: Ulan-Ude 3)