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Facilities - Khabarovsk - Vinogradovka Childrens Home (Facility Code: Khabarovsk 5)
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Vinogradovka Children’s Home.  Khabarovsk Rotary Club has been supporting Vinogradovka Children’s Home since December, 1996. The Children’s Home is located in Vinogradovka Village , Khabarovsk District. It has 28 children of 2-7 years old; many of the children are physically or psychologically challenged. During the past ten years the Club with the help of Rotary International has acquired the furniture, toys, clothing and different equipment. Khabarovsk Club has also replaced the old heating system with a new one and constructed children’s playground. In 2003 Khabarovsk Rotary Club jointly with a Belgium Rotary Club acquired a minibus for Vinogradovka Children’s Home. Our priority project now, is to raise $3,962.00 to acquire a drying apparatus for Children’s Home. The old dryer has recently broken. A drying apparatus is necessary for drying the children’s clothes and bed linen. The Rotary Club of Niigata, Japan will allocate $1000 for the project. Khabarovsk Club, on its own, will not be able to raise the rest of the money required  to purchase this much needed  dryer, so is looking to other Rotary Clubs for support.       



    Khabarovsk Rotary Club Presents a Minibus                       Our Little Residents Ready to Play                    Posing for a Picture in Our Nice  Play Room

       to Vinogradovka Children's Home. 2003



                           Group photo                                                Enjoying Tea and Yummy  Cookies!                                                       Pals








                          Playroom                                              Clothing for six children                               Our front door



                                                                                                                                                                                                        Don't forget us