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Facilities - Kransnoyarsk - Shumkovsk Mentally Disabled Childrens Orphanage (Facility Code: Kransnoyarsk 1)
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Regional Governmental Institution for Mentally disabled children “Shumkovsk Mentally Disabled Children’s Orphanage” was founded in 1960 and was based on already existing Institutional Facility for Elderly people founded in 1941. There are 126 mentally disabled children who live in this orphanage; 39 girls and 87 boys.  48 children have parents, 49 children whose parents gave up their parental rights and left then at the hospital after the birth; 4 orphans; 25 children whose parents lost their parental rights. These children are mentally challenged, Down Syndrome children and children who were diagnosed as mentally retarded.

The main  direction of working with mentally disabled children is to take care of them and to teach them to take care of themselves, teaching them hygienic habits, prevention of traumatism and infectious diseases; prevention of emotional and psychological break downs and epileptic seizures.

Rotaract  Club Krasnoyarsk together with the teachers of this orphanage participate and conduct variety of games with the children, and also simply visit them, because these visits are even more important for this children than any material things.  Rotary Club – Krasnoyarsk also helps this orphanage financially: they purchased two washing machines, toys, and many other necessary items.