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Facilities - Moscow - East Rotaract Club - Zabota Distribution Center (Facility Code: Moscow - East 2)
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Zabota Distribution Center

Town of Korolev

Sponsors: Rotaract Club of Moscow - East

We are looking for additional sponsor to form a Children's Action Team





















































































































Zabota Distribution Center with Rotaract members

Korolev, Russia

Children's distribution center "Zabota" in the town Korolev near Moscow takes children who have appeared in a difficult life situation. Children, who live in "Zabota":

-children whose parents are on the verge of deprivation of parental rights

-homeless children, waiting to be sent to an orphanage

-children without parents


After the decision of the future of a child living in the center, he/she goes to an orphanage or comes back to parents or trustees. 


The lives of these children are constantly changing. On the average there are 20-25 children live in center at the same time.

"Zabota" is located in a small two-storeyed building. Next to the building there is a small sports field. The first floor includes administrative offices, and the second floor is habitable. Children live in rooms for 1-4 people.






Children's bedrooms at Zabota




Children of Zabota


Children playing with Rotaractors                                                             Information on life at Zabota