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Projects: Completed - Project 101 - Bedding - Baby HIV Hospital
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This project is completed.

Project:101   Hospital Bedding  $1045

The Irkutsk Baby HIV Hospital is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Irkutsk, RU.

This project has been funded by The Rotary Club of Kapa'a, Hawaii.

 Lida Sclocchini, Director of OrphanAct in Russia, and a Rotarian in Irkutsk, kisses one of the three children born in October.  From the left, the children are Dasha 5, Nastya 4, and Kola 5.  Each child received a birthday gift and then had tea with a birthday cake.

The rest of the children are participating in the birthday party and here are shown playing a song.  All these children are HIV positive and life at this hospital.

Here DG Skip Cook from Alaska (District 5010 is an international district) looks at some of the blankets purchased with money from this project along with Lida Sclocchini, Irina Usova, Elena Kalinina, and Chief Doctor of the HIV hospital, Lydia Gubanova.

Rotarians Nelly Zueva, Lida Sclocchini, Leonid Rudov, and Elena Niktina, along with two nurses, are delivering babies clothes and crib sheets to the hospital

An up close look at one of the new peices of baby clothing