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Projects: Completed - Project 127 - Heat - Altai Childrens School of Art
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The Rotary Club of Barnaul sought $2,000 to heat The Altai Children's School of Arts in Aya.  The school is in an agricultural district along the Altai Mountains, about 300 km southeast of Barnaul, Siberia.  Aya is about 400 km northwest of the point where Kazakhstan and Mongolia meet



    The new furnace                                    The celebration honoring local and international Rotarians and Orphanact in May 2007.

                                                                On the left is translation of the introduction, on the right, a girl singing.                                


The village of Aya provided an old building for expansion of the original school.  But it was poorly heated at best.  A full-on central heating system would have cost $5,000 or more, but school founders Svetlana and Sergey Tarasenko, found a Buleryan coal or wood burning stove that heats 1000 sq meters (a little more than 10,000 sq ft).  Its cost:$2000. 


With enthusiasm and determination the Tarasenkos started the school in a small building three years ago.    Now, with four other teachers they educate more than 100 children from Aya and its surroundings.  These children also attend the general school in Aya.  Their ages range from three to seventeen years.  Many come from underprivileged families where monthly income is about $100.   Three students are orphans.  The Tarasenkos remain deeply involved in the day-to-day life of the school.  Svetlana is a headmaster and  teaches acting. Sergey  teaches drawing.  School hours are 10 am to 8 pm.


The original building was too small, so they renovated an old sanitorium mostly with their own hands and have developed a nice space…but it is COLD!  And getting colder by the day.


The school provides for music, painting, and dance.  They have just added a ceramics class.




   Sergey Tarasenko puts finishing touches on                   Ballet recital

  painting studio.


This year, the Rotary Club of Barnaul is funding a new kiln for ceramics.  Two years ago they donated a wonderful piano.


The teachers of Altai Children’s School of Arts cannot supply material values, but they shape the lives of their students and develop productive individuals. Such people are vital in the world to build a prosperous society. This is the future of our country!




Svetlana Tarasenko in the dance studion stage              In the music studio.              



Young talent at the piano.                        In warmer times, the Tarasenkos in front of school.


The Altai Children’s School of Arts is a ray of light in the darkness.  Now when the winter winds blow, it is warm too.