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Projects: Completed - Project 132 - Color Printer
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The Avachinsky Rotary Club seeks $1000 for a color printer.  They wish to give it to Orphange #6, in Avachinsky to help teach the children business practices and to produce colorful documents for the orphanage.


Zina Ponomareva, this project's manager and Oksana Kirichek, President of Avachinsky have written a heartfelt response to Orphanact who provided the funds.



           Rotarians with children                                Rotarian with children                                  Working with crafts


Dear OrphanAct,

We are very glad that we had an opportunity to take part in this wonderful project that is directed to help the children from orphanages, we thank you for you give your time and efforts to this wonderful  work. It helps kids who don’t really have the warmth and attention from their parents, our government gives a lot to these children but still your projects let the other people to take part in the life of the kids, people who really had never been across the children, they do so many things, it is great that somewhere far away in Hawaii, there are people who care about Russian kids, and it unites us, it is a small world, and understanding of this fact makes the kids kinder. It is great that your project gives people from other countries to take part the kid’s life. These children are the future citizens of our country, and what we give them now will get back later, their view of life is changed by events like this one, it changes us and them. There are other people’s problems; we are all responsible for it, and what we give now, we’ll get back later.

Thank you for this projects came true, we appreciate the opportunity to participate in it a lot.


President of Avachinsky RC 2006 2007

Oksana Kirichek

Responsible person for Grant – Zina Ponomareva


A member of the Avachinsky Club is a director of a business school called LINK.  This school has classes for computers, office equipment, and a teacher who is ready and happy to volunteer to teach the willing students at the orphanage.  Under his guidance, the students will be taught to produce booklets, calendars, posters and other printed material.


In a small way, a color printer will help bring the hope of spring back to the students during the long gray winters on the Kamchatka Peninsula.



The Orphanage was opened in1998, and is one of newest orphanages in Kamchatka.  The orphanage is a separate building that stands on its own. There are 32 children ages 7 - 18.


Price-list from the company Compuline
name of the printer $
hp COLOR LaserJet 2605DTN  <Q7823A> A4, 12стр/мин 64Mb USB2.0, сетевой, двусторонняя печать


hp COLOR LaserJet 2605DN  <Q7822A> A4, 12стр/мин 64Mb USB2.0, сетевой, двусторонняя печать


hp COLOR LaserJet 2605  <Q7821A> A4, 12стр/мин 64Mb USB2.0


hp COLOR LaserJet 2600N  <Q6455A>  8стр/мин 16Mb сетевой USB


Price-list from the company Tissa
e-mail: tisa@mail.kamchatka.ru
name of the printer руб $
1. Принтер Canon LBP-5000    по цене   13309,00 рублей 13309 475.32
2. Принтер EPSON AcuLaser C1100  по цене 16957,00 рублей 16957 605.61
3. Принтер Принтер HP LaserJet color 2605 по цене  15759,00 рублей 15759 562.82